The Earth rotates on itself about an axis which is inclined by about 23 ° 27 ‘with respect to the

The luminous ball that enlightens us during the day is actually a star like all the ones you can see

About twice a year, the moon becomes orange for several hours. You can easily observe this phenomenon with the naked

You have an appointment with the Moon practically every day. It disappears from the sky only when it is facing

Since the Moon turns on itself while moving around the Earth, a state of equilibrium has been established between the

Sometimes white, sometimes red, crescent-shaped, oval or perfectly round, the Moon has been the faithful companion of the Earth for

2. When to observe the sky? You must first ask yourself several questions: what do you want to observe, at

Where, when, and how to observe the sky? Astronomy is a beautiful pastime that allows you to escape into space

Finally, we can define life, not organically but from a spiritual point of view, as was simulated by some philosophical

This organization is usually governed by a genetic program, a series of instructions for carrying out metabolic reactions essential to

Conversely, a mule is alive but unable to have offspring. A computer virus can multiply by infecting programs like the